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Please note: There is a minimum of 100 newspaper sticks required when ordering a custom RAL color. The number of your order line has been adjusted accordingly.
Please note: There is a minimum of 100 newspaper sticks for logo printing. The number of your order line has been adjusted accordingly.



Unicum Magazine

The newspaper stick Unicum Magazine is specially designed for magazines. The newspaper stick Unicum Magazine is ideal for use in the lobby of a hotel, on the reading table in a library, a restaurant or a cafe.


With the newspaper stick, a magazine remains in excellent condition even after much browsing. Because the back of the magazine is clamped between the two sticks, the magazine cannot shift. In addition, the newspaper stick ensures that the reader turns the pages nicely tight, so that the magazine remains wrinkle-free!

Magazine stick on the reading table

In public places, such as a restaurant, library or café, the newspaper stick Unicum Magazine is a "must". The pages remain in good condition with the newspaper stick. The magazines are read by many people. Paper can be damaged by turning the pages. The newspaper stick ensures that many people can continue to read the magazines with pleasure.

An small hole is made in the newspaper stick, so that you can also hang the magazines. This way you always keep the reading table tidy. All magazines are conveniently arranged on the wall.

Magazine stick design

The magazine stick Unicum is available in clear lacquered and in matt black. These versions have a chic look. Very nice for the reading table in the lobby of your hotel. But what about a newspaper stick with the logo of your company? The newspaper stick is an eye catcher on every reading table. You order the newspaper stick from 20 pieces at an attractive additional cost!

From 50 pieces it is even possible to order the newspaper stick for magazines in any desired RAL color. You pay nothing extra for this! If you have newspaper sticks printed, you must pay in advance. For the costs of printing (screen printing) we refer to the right-hand column on the website.

Buying a magazine stick?

Buying the magazine stick Unicum is very easy!

State how many newspaper sticks you want to order. You can then specify the desired color. Do you want your logo printed on the newspaper stick? Then check the corner. You must then indicate where you want the logo printed. Also indicate how many colors the logo contains. Finally you have to upload the logo. After you have entered all the details, click on "Order newspaper stick".

Payment can be done by Credit Card, PayPal and several other populair European payment methods.

If you need more information about our newspaper stick Unicum Magazine? Contact us!

  • Tijdschrift Unicum
  • Tijdschrift Unicum
  • Tijdschrift Unicum

Available Colors

The newspaper sticks are available from stock as a clear lacquered model, or in chic matt black. From 100 pieces you can order a newspaper stick in any desired RAL color without extra costs.

Newspaper sticks available from stock.

Available from stock!


Logo printing

You can have a newspaper stick with your logo printed from 100 pieces. This can be done on the handle as well as on the long part of the newspaper stick, depending on the newspaper stick model

For screen printing your logo you pay the film costs of € 49.00 per color once.

Unicum Magazine tier prices

Min. Quantity Price per newspaperstick
1 € 19,96 ex. VAT
5 € 18,47 ex. VAT
10 € 15,11 ex. VAT
50 € 13,34 ex. VAT
100 € 11,81 ex. VAT

Your price

€ 19,96

The technical drawing of the Unicum Magazine

The Unicum Magazine is approx. 485 mm long (approx. 520 mm incl. eye hook). The magazine can be 350 mm long.
The printable part of magazine stick is approx. 20 * 300 mm. Click on the image below for more sizes and details of the Unicum Magazine stick.

Other newspaper stick models

Show the order form Show the order form

Logo requirements

The printing of newspaper sticks is done by means of the screen printing technique.

A so-called film is made of each color in the logo to be printed. Each color in your logo is a separate print run, hence the reason you pay the film costs for each color in your logo.

For the best result provide a vector file, for example an Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW or PDF file.

For the best coloro, use Pantone (PMS) as a color system. If you supply your logo in CMYK or RGB coloring, this will be converted to PMS and slight color differences may occur.

Bear in mind that white is also a color in screen printing. Make white parts in your logo transparent if that was your intention.

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