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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I also order the newspaper stick in a different color?


Yes. From 50 pieces you can order the newspaper stick in any desired RAL color without extra costs.


What is screen printing?

Screen printing is a printing technique in which the ink is printed by partly open and partly impenetrable gauze. A plastic strip that moves over the mesh provides a print that is needed to print the logo, text or image on the object.

Can I also print the newspaper stick with our logo?


Yes. You can print the newspaper stick with your logo from as little as 10 pieces. This can be done on both the handle and the long part of the newspaper stick. With the Biblio Chiq model, it is only possible to have the logo printed on the handle.

What are the logo requirements?

The printing of newspaper sticks is done by means of the screen printing technique.

A so-called film is made of each color in the logo to be printed. Each color in your logo is a separate print run, hence the reason you pay the film costs for each color in your logo.

For the best result provide a vector file, for example an Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW or PDF file.

For the best coloro, use Pantone (PMS) as a color system. If you supply your logo in CMYK or RGB coloring, this will be converted to PMS and slight color differences may occur.

Bear in mind that white is also a color in screen printing. Make white parts in your logo transparent if that was your intention.


Can I order on account?


You can only order the newspaper sticks on account if you place the order on behalf of a company. Specially customized items, such as with your logo or in a RAL color, cannot be purchased on account.

Order without VAT (Foreign Companies)

Other companies established in the EU can order without VAT. You can indicate on the checkout page that it is a business purchase. You can then enter your VAT number. As soon as you enter a valid VAT number, the VAT is immediately removed from order and you can complete the order without VAT on the invoice.


What doest the shipping cost?


Shipping costs depend on the weight and shipping location of your order.

Delivery time

What is the delivery time?

The newspaper sticks, available in stock, in clear lacquered and matte black have a delivery time of 5 working days. Newspaper sticks with logo or RAL color have a delivery time of 3-4 weeks after order and payment.


Can i order newspapersticks as an individual? is a business to business company. We do not supply private persons.

Do the prices include VAT?

No, all prices exclude VAT.

Can i return newspapersticks?

No, delivered newspapersticks without any faults can not be returned.

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